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Ngobesing Neh Linda
A magazine intended to handle exclusively women’s issues has been launched in Bamenda. “Determined Women on the Move” published by the SHE Platform Campaign being an initiative of Ngobesing Neh Linda a Journalist and advocate for girls and women’s rights was presented to an enthusiastic crowd of mostly women June 3, 2017. 
As the name goes, the new magazine takes interest on the lives of women profiling some in the Judiciary like Justice Mbaki Vivian Verla President of the Mezam Hight Court, Peace building like Nfor Victorine Lum Ambe peace advocate, Education like Prof Atanga Lilian Lum HOD of English Private Law in the University of Bamenda, Zekeng Gayle Elsa in health and others in finance and banking, fashion amongst others. The maiden edition of the Determined Women on the Move also carries an exclusive interview with three female managers (Linda Baye, Emma Visas Ngwe, Muluh Clarise Mdimbe) heading three branches of a leading financial institution in Bamenda. These choices Ngobesing Linda explained were based on their actions in their specific areas of specialization particularly in finance and the judiciary where women find challenges getting into. 
According to Ngobesing Linda initiator of the Magazine, “talking to women, you realize that they have lots and a lot to offer but no one is talking about them…. So you have thousands of women in decision making positions just in the North West Region but you realize that it’s so challenging for people to talk about them; they keep asking for more women whereas there are already women…. I got motivated by my work in civil society to come with a production that actually documents the voices and actions of women.”
“From a first glance it is a very beautifully manicured magazine, nice pictures and inspiring stories of women who are breaking grounds not just women who are breaking ground here in Bamenda or Cameroon but around the world. I think it is important to put the spot light on women and Linda says in her editorial, it is turning the spotlight on women in a country and region where women have not been celebrated as they deserve to be. I think it comes at a very good time, it is laudable initiative, it is something that will inspire men to partner with women and other women to move out of their shelf and to move out of their comfort zones to do great things for their country and to impact their communities.” Hilda Bih a journalist said
Reacting to the Guardian Post about the magazine Colbert Gwain a journalist and one of the few men to attend the launching noted “a magazine like this one will put women issues at the forefront of public consciousness and I want to congratulate the initiator of the magazine Ngobesing Linda for bringing up this new product. You know that in the market we have general interest newspapers and magazines but we don’t have specialized or single issue magazines. This is one of those single issue magazines that we have been lacking and it is also the start of professionalization in journalism. After going through just briefly, I have realize that she is creating space and bringing voices seldom heard to the global community and that mainstream news organs will not accept. I must insist that if the woman is not the future of man then she is the man of the future.” 

Ngobesing Neh Linda signs copies
The quarterly publication according to Ngobesing Linda will be launched next in Buea though with a different name but the focus will be on women in the South West Region and other regions of Cameroon. The 26years old journalist graduate of the University of Buea hopes to tell the stories of women in different ways in the loudest form through her magazine.
Officials of the Delegation of Women’s Empowerment and the Family amongst other guests showed up for the launch with financial support a gesture the initiator considers a push for her to move on. 
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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