NW Women and Youth football league representatives elected

Officials of the Cameroon Football federation FECAFOOT in the North West with supervision from the electoral commission of the federation have conducted elections for the various specialized leagues within the Football Association FA in the region.

Text Box: Wirba Nicoline president and founder of   Bui DynamicThe two day marathon election sessions opened Thursday April 6, 2017 with the election of the delegate of the regional female football league who will in the days serve as delegate to the national elections of the said league.
At the close of the indoor election session in one of the hotels in Bamenda, Wirba Nicoline president and founder of   Bui Dynamic ladies football emerged victorious after beating Kalkaba Sallou President of Abakwa girls four votes to one.
Talking to The Guardian Post the delegate expressed the hope to have the resources to develop feminine football in the NW particularly with the many female football talents in the region.
The elections however went hitch free at the regional level but clubs didn’t however enjoy the peace that reigned on the final day. Prior to the elections Fomum Victorine founder of Abakwa girls could be spotted complaining to anyone who cared to listen that Kalkaba Sallo lacked the legitimacy to represent the club. She brandished a list of executive members which clearly detailed that the said kalkaba from the Northern part of Cameroon was president of Abakwa girls but according to Fomum, she has not been supporting the club reason why they took a resolution I one of their meetings to destitute her from  the function. The destitution letter which she brandished had not been sent to FECAFOOT and so Kalkaba was allowed to contest as legally she had the mandate to represent the club. Fomum Victorine was spotted by this reporter openly refusing a hand shake from her club president after she participated and lost in the elections.
Prior to the elections, this reporter gathered that the NW will now have to end only one delegate for the National female Football league assembly and this was caused by petitions from aspirants that resulted in the disqualification of some club owners and possible contestants.
Friday April 7, 2017 was the turn of the Youth Football League. Though no elections effectively took place, the 35 club representative that answered through a consensus agreed to select Blaise Yoye of Rainbow FC Bamenda for Mezam, Kawas Eric for Ngoketunjia and Lailam Edward of Kumbo Strikers for Bui Division as NW delegate for the National Youth Football League.
According to Agho Oliver Secretary General for FECAFOOT NW, the elections went well. “The elections were free, fair and transparent. The power of the ballot box was demonstrated and we are happy that we now have delegates to represent us at the national level.”
The elections were supervised by Mboudou Mbala Come electoral commission representative from the FA head office who equally observed with satisfaction the maturity demonstrated by the various actors involved in the elections.
NW Regional 2nd Division Championship to start finally
Text Box: NW FECAFOOT Executive after Board meetingMembers of the regional board of the Cameroon Football Federation FECAFOOT have met in Bamenda for their annual board meeting. Meeting under the chairmanship of the FA regional President Kaba Christopher Atanga, the eight of the nine board members listened to a presentation on the activity report by the regional head and Divisional Presidents.
According to the regional leader of the FA, the last season was successful with the ascension of Bang Bullet FC of Nkambe unto the National League Two. He however regretted the slow and non-procurement of licenses by some of the clubs. Kaba Christopher hammered on the need for all clubs as the only way to protect both the club and players. The board meeting will later resolve that “clubs that don’t meet up with the affiliation and license formalities within the deadline shall not be allowed to participate in the North West 2nd Division championship for 2016/2017 football season.
As relates the start of the regional championship, the board meeting announced the takeoff for Sunday April 16, 2017. Instead of the 18 clubs that participated last year, this season is likely to feature only 12 clubs who are expected to have completed their formalities before action begins. Amongst the expected clubs for this season in the NW are Kumbo Strikers, Rangers of Bafut, Grassland FC of Nkwen, etc.
The board meeting also challenged all Divisional Board members to own football clubs. The resolution noted that it will be important to own and be president of a 3rd Division football team as a show of support and promotion of the beautiful game which will be prerequisite to contest future elections.
Owning a secretary general; the board meeting noted is compulsory at the divisional level. The board thus recommended that “divisions that don’t have Secretary General should co-opt board members to act as secretary generals.”

Cameroonian wins best Yali Spirit Award

From Bakah Derick in Bamenda
Bamenda based Tim Immaculate Bih a Civil Engineer by training and Founder of Immaculate construction (ICON) has been awarded with the YALI SPIRIT award in appreciation for her Visionary Guidance and Undaunting Leadership skills. This was during the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) West Africa Training program fellowship in Lagos, Nigeria. The training program which is an initiative of former United States President Barack Obama aims at training Young African leaders on Entrepreneurship, Civil Leadership, and Public Management to become Ethical leaders and effect change in their communities.
While handing the YALI Spirit award, the Director for the Regional Leadership Center (RLC), for West Africa, Accra Ghana –SHOLA SAFO DUODU noted “You have demonstrated the spirit we need in Young African Leaders and we honor you with deep appreciation for your visionary Guidance and undaunting leadership”.
Away from the Yali Spirit award which was handed to the Cameroonian as the only deserving participants, Tim Immaculate also brought back home from the Nigeria several awards amongst them; 1st position award for the Business Plan Competition in Entrepreneurship Track with focus on construction of sustainable, low cost green houses in Cameroon to bridge infrastructure challenges, 2nd position award for Creativity and a 3rd position award for poster presentation on Ethical Issues in Africa.
The young Cameroonian who acted throughout the program as Vice President following a democratic election at the gathering feels honoured for the privilege given her.
Text Box: Director for the Regional Leadership Center (RLC), for West Africa, 
Accra Ghana SHOLA SAFO DUODU hands award to Tim Immaculate
Talking to The Guardian Post in Bamenda the award winner noted “I couldn’t believe I had the overall award on YALI Spirit not to talk of being the highest award winner. I was shocked since I never knew my contributions inspired fellow participants greatly in one way or the other. I came to realize that whatever I did was genuine and came from the heart, and that was why I couldn’t quickly notice the impact. From my investigation from peers, what was so evident apart from other things I did was that, it was thanks to me that the Empower Women’s Slogan “WOMAN EH ACTION NOW! NOW!” went viral within participants and in the neighborhood of Badagry, Lagos. I believe the slogan is already spreading in the 9 West African countries through the various participants.”
The YALI program it should be recalled is a competitive program where only those who have demonstrated leadership abilities in their various communities are selected online to participate. Out of thousands of applicants we gathered; 98 were selected for the YALI Cohort 2 Lagos, Nigeria and they all came from 9 different countries in West Africa. Out of the 98 participants, 6 were Cameroonians including Tim Immaculate who was the only candidate from Bamenda.
On her future plans Tim states “With the knowledge acquired from this program, I need to pay it forward in the form of community service. I plan to organize a seminar in the North West Region of Cameroon for Youths and impact them with the knowledge received. They need to understand how and why life is 1% what happens to them and 99% how they respond to it.  We need Ethical Young Leaders in Africa for it to Emerge.”
The happily married mother of three this reporter observes is a go getter. “I am proud of who I am; A Civil Engineer. I am proud of what I do. We empower women in this construction industry. I want to minimize the stereotype that links with masculinity in civil construction industry. Women should know that they belong, they can be happy being civil engineers. We are talking of emergence 2035 I believe a woman is creative, women are good managers. We need you women in this construction industry. We have to come together with our diverse minds of thinking and see how we can help Cameroon to emerge in that 2035.” Tim said
Buea Mayor reaffirms Love for the North West
From Bakah Derick in Bamenda
The Mayor of the Buea Municipality has reaffirmed his love for the people of the North West Region. In an unusual press outing in Bamenda Mayor Ekema Patrick stated that the North West and South West will forever remain one and indivisible. “I feel really honored to commune with my people of the North given several misgivings in our country for the last three to four months. It was important that like one of yours while on an official assignment to the North West to have an exchange with you to clear the several doubts that are looming on the horizon…. An so what is important to me this morning is to assure and ascertain the minds of the NW people here represented by the fourth estate that we don’t believe in divisive politics. All we know is we are one and will remain one and indivisible.” Mayor Ekema stated. Despite the ongoing crisis facing both regions of the country, the Mayor praised all efforts aimed at getting a lasting solution but regretted that the approaches are becoming too different to produce appropriate results.
Cloth in classical North West traditional royalty attire, the charismatic Buea municipal head outlined that he was in Bamenda in 2014 during the Guardian Post Achievement award during which he was awarded the Best Mayor of the year 2014 Award when he was official decorated with the traditional attire by Fons of the North West. According to Mayor Ekema, this did not give him reason to love the Fons but also the people of the North West as a whole. “When I got into the hall at Azam Hotel the Fons of the North West in their usual magnanimity decided to offer me a surprise and so this was added unto the event that brought me to Bamenda and off course this has a lot! It is telling and represents a lot. I can’t cross with a North Westners because I belong….” The Mayor said. 
To further demonstrate his attachment to the NW and his none tribal management of the Buea Council, the Mayor told the press that he has about 18 service heads with no fewer than seven from the NW. “for those who are doubting Thomas’s! If you look at the configuration of the Buea Council! When we took over the mantle of leadership of the Buea council, the Buea Council had staff strength of 111 personnel and as we speak today we are on 280 and en route to make it 300. Tis configuration represents the national flag. If you look at the management staff of the council it is not a tribal council as some council are run. Buea Council is a Council with a lot of colouration which believes and adheres to the principals of participatory management approach and all inclusive……..”
He urged the people of the North West to learn to move forward. He expressed his dislike for disorganized approaches stating that being organized is the only results can be gotten. It is worth noting that Mayor Ekema was in Bamenda on his way to Mbengwi for the installation of the new SDO for Momo accompanied by a flit of cars and a powerful delegation.

MOMO SDO commissioned
From Bakah Derick in Mbengwi
Text Box: Absalom Monono Wolua New SDO for Momo divisionAbsalom Monono Wolua is the new SDO for Momo division of the North West region. He was given authority for his new function as SDO Friday March 30th during a commissioning event in Mbengwi headquarters of Momo by the Governor of the NW, Lele l’Afrique Adolph Tchufor Duben.

The Man Absalom Monono Wolua
Born in 1972 in Tombel South West region, Absalum Monono Wolua holder of Master degree in History from the University of Buea is also a graduate of the Advance School of Administration and Magistracy ENAM. He is currently undertaking a PhD Thesis on Administrative Authority in the Elimination of Land Disputes in the Northwest Region, an incentive to his profile which further attests his capability in handling the notorious loggerhead tribes of Momo and environs. He has served as Divisional Officer and Assistant Senior Divisional Officer in the North, East and South West regions. The new SDO was appointed by Presidential Decree No 2017/094 on March 13th as SDO for Momo and before his appointment; Mr. Monono has been serving as Secretary General at the North West Governor’s office since October 2012. Five sub divisions that make up Momo Division namely Ngui, Mbengwi, Widikum, Batibo and Njikwa have been entrusted in the hands of the administrator who according to Governor Lele his immediate boss has the prerequisite credential for the job.

Inter the Installation ceremony.
Speaking on behalf of the entire division, the Mayor for Mbengui council, Beatrice Tebe in welcoming the new SDO Absalom Monono Wolua to the division as the top civil administrator, instantly listed the challenges the people of Momo are often plagued with amongst them; farmer grazer disputes as in the Bali Gymbo land palaver, inter-tribal quarrels, land feuds, chieftaincy problems and poor infrastructure. The Mayor intimated that Monono is a square peck in a square whole “we hope Mr SDO, that you would be the key to unlock the prevailing problems of our division as you have come to stay with us from today. As the secretary general at the governor’s office, you have always shown prove of your likeness for this division as you often supervised the construction of projects and GRA buildings. Now as our SDO, we believe we are now comfortable” she said.
Governor Adolph Lafrique in his installation speech reiterated government’s purpose of letting power change hands as well as the great task awaiting the new SDO adding that appointments and transfers are aimed at oiling the administrative mechanism so as to bring on dynamism and provide quality renewal changes in order to meet up the changes of the society. Before delving into the litany of challenges awaiting the new SDO, Lele Lafrique appreciated the works of outgoing SDO Diodonne Justin Ngong that absconded his functions as SDO because of health reasons and could not even show for the installation.. He described him as one who was very instrumental in the 2013 presidential elections, execution of the public investment budget, and promotion of cultural values of the Momo people and open to dialogue.
For the incoming Absalom Monono Woloa, Lele L’Afrique spelled out his daunting task “Mindful of the fact that you are in an area famous of land disputes, chieftaincy matters and farmer-grazer problems, you must live up to these challenges by overseeing the functioning of land consultative talks. You must ensure that land tenure laws and subsequent amendments are respected and in line with the constitution you should endeavor to put a nail on chieftaincy matters…Another imperative call you must answer is the fundamental right to children’s education, you must ensure speedy resumption of schools in this division no matter the circumstance, ensure peace, order and law enforcement in varied socio economic and political domains” the governor commanded.
As a civil administrator the SDO is the custodian of the state in the division Absalom Monono Wolua shall have to ensure effective presence of civil servants at workplace, place an embargo on contraband goods, execution of the public investment budget, be actively involved in the development plan of the division, peaceful coexistence of business men and women renounce any dictate that risk marring his administrative career but to do just his work, be a good listener and get both sides of any issue before taking decisions. These amongst others were just the instructions as handed to the new SDO.
Amongst top government officials who answered present at the were Supreme state audit Minister Mbah Acha Rose, Mayor Ekema Patrick of Buea and the entire admistration of the NW under the leadership of Governor Lele L’Afrique.
From Edwana Ndong I. in Bamenda
Text Box: Mr. Kimbi Tashing Ngwang,
Bamenda Regional Handicraft Village (BRHV),
Craft men and women in the North West region have undergone training in three very important aspects that will improve on their art. This training organized by the Bamenda regional handicraft village on the 28th of March 2017, was aimed at providing craft men and women with the tools and skills necessary for them to better manage their activities in their various workshops.
According to the coordinator for the Bamenda Regional Handicraft Village(BRHV), Mr. Kimbi Tashing Ngwang, “this training was aimed at encouraging these craft group leaders to pull their resources and capacities together since one hand cannot tie bundle, and thereby, encouraging social economy. These craft group leaders are supposed to disseminate this information and skills acquired in their various groups. They are being guided too, from associations to cooperatives so that they too can be involved in savings and other financial transactions. Besides, it is easier to track and follow them up when they are in cooperatives and above all, cooperatives are more fashionable today.”
Given that project writing is one of the trendy activities associations are involved in today, project writing was taken as a first module in the training.  Mr. Kimbi Tashing notes that this module was to school participants not only to solicit for funds but in order that they can be able to conceive their own projects and see how they can raise funds to carry them out. The module presenter Shulika Binla Sylvanus, told the press, “Project is a tool for development which is not only meant to look for funding but helps an organization to be proactive and operational.”
 He affirms that project writing is very important because it makes members of an association to come together and reason as one. He goes on to lecture that it is a process which has stages. “It starts from the diagnostic down to the budgeting and then to the writing of the document itself. When we are to do project writing, we get to problem identification first, and then we come up with the possible and appropriate solutions. These solutions become project ideas that we have to formulate in a very logical manner so that they can be appetizing and marketable. Project writing is not a job for an individual it entails theme work. It is just like an orchestra with a music director, where he gets to coordinate the notes”.
            Mr. Shulika pin points that it is always common place to hear that a project was rejected or not funded. That is because those writing the said project do not put a few things into consideration. He advises that before you forward a project for funding put into consideration the field of intervention of the funder. Learn to verify whether the person you are forwarding to, funds projects of your kind and do well to visit the organization and see whether you formulate logically.
            He however urged participants to put into practice what they have learned given that they have undergone a 9months course in two hours and they will only get to master it if they practice it and he is always available to help.
            As far as the second module- Taxation Policies is concerned, the coordinator told press that one of the things he noticed when he visited craft associations in the North West is that they have a lot of challenges when it comes to dealing with tax officials. Very often, they feel it is just arbitrary and money is being extorted from them and so “we thought it was necessary to bring in officials from the medium size tax payers office of the general directorate of taxation to school them on the taxation policies so that it doesn’t look like extortion and they should know on what basis they are being taxed”. Participants were schooled by Mr Beri Wii Boongbon on tax policies.
            On to Book Keeping, Mr Kimbi says many craft men in the North West Region do not have the notion of book keeping. They just carry out their activities and are not able to make any evaluation. You cannot ask them what their turn over is in six months and they give you a convincing answer and so, they thought it was important that participants too receive some knowledge on book keeping so that they can be able to comfortably give account of their turnover after each and every activity.
            The Bamenda Regional handicraft village decided to shoot two birds with one stone, by bringing in officials from the Social Insurance fund to talk to crafts men and women on the voluntary insurance scheme.
            As a capacity building gesture the show-rooms at the Bamenda handicraft village during this pilot period have been given out, off charge to craft men and women to display their art.
            Meli Philemon a shoe maker and a participant at the workshop told The Guardian Post he decided to attend the workshop because he has been facing a lot of chalanges with his trade. “Okrika” shoes are killing their market and even when they want to train apprentices, their parents and guardians do not pay they required fee. To twist the knife, apprentices go on to run motor bikes after their training; wasting all efforts on them Worst still their taxes are too high and he doesn’t understand on what basis taxes are levied on his business. Meli Philemon says he has been enlightened on how to write and run a project, and taxation officials have told them that their tax category depends on their capital and not on the number of apprentices they have so nobody should fool them.
            Madame Keafoon Yvonne, another participant from the Bamenda handicraft society in Santa says what brought her to the training, was her interest to see what the government had in store for them as p men and women. “Initially, I was a seamstress and since I love work of craft my husband trained me and now I do calving with ebony wood” she is happy with the governments gestures of providing them with a nice building but like Oliver twist, they will always ask for more. They are calling on the government to provide them with funding so that they can be able to equip their office with works of art befitting to a handicraft village. She is also calling on the government to stop importing works of art and buy from them so that they can be further motivated.
FECAFOOT President begins partial fulfillment of Campaign promise in Bamenda
From Bakah Derick in Bamenda
Text Box: FECAOOT Football beneficiaries after handing overThe Cameroon Football federation FECAFOOT has handed over balls to about 56 amateur football clubs that took part in the 2015/2016 football season in the NW region. The footballs were handed Sunday April 9, 2017 by the first Vice President of FECAFOOT Hon Mbella Moki Charles who doubles as Senator of the Republic of Cameroon.
Speaking at the Regional FECAFOOT conference hall, the seemingly trigger happy Senator and FECAFOOT official announced that the football donation was in partial fulfillment of the campaign promise by the seating president of the country’s Football association Tombi Aroko Sidiki. While expressing satisfaction for being in the North West, Senator Mbella Moki extended words of appreciation to all those making an effort to promote football in the North West.
“FECAFOOT has a president she may never be lucky to have again…… I have never seen such a man with his kind of love for football development.” Hon Mbella said. According to the Vice President, Tombi does not only possess the right love for the game but also the right heart and altitude. “The all donation is the beginning of many more things to come.”
Ben Suh Fuh one of the club representatives pulled the Senator’s legs asking whether the gift was from FECAFOOT or Tombi as a person. In responds the clearly embarrassed Senator stated that it is difficult to separate the two because Tombi wouldn’t be donating balls if he is not FECAFOOT.
Before handing the balls, the FECAFOOT official explained that the balls were only for clubs that were properly licensed last season.
While regional 2nd division championship teams grabbed ten balls each, the Youth teams took away five and the ladies teams took three each.
Expressing satisfaction with the gesture, Tafili Magnus Ngoketunjia league President noted that balls are a necessity for any football team and the donation will be a major boast. Kaba Emile of Santos FC in a similar way appreciated the FA for the job but added that the training of young football managers is prime at this time for the future of Cameroon’s football.

SDF National Chairmanship Candidate accuses Biya of Campaign Material Destruction
From Bakah Derick in Bamenda

A candidate for the position of the National Chairman of the opposition Social Democratic Front SDF has accused the President of the Republic Paul Biya of destroying his campaign material in Bamenda. Felix Teche Nyamusa during a media outing in Bamenda Sunday April 9, 2017 told pressmen who answered present in a press statement titled “Biya trembling of SDF Primaries-Orders destruction of Nyamusa campaign material” that “a truck filled with policemen descended on my campaign material in North West region destroying them!”
The material according to was “a large campaign banner placed on commercial avenue Bamenda III written in English and French for internal elections within the SDF.”
The politician who sounds so convinced about contesting and winning the post of SDF National Chairmanship and later winning Paul Biya or any other candidate to become President of the Republic also told the Press that “about a week ago, a similar banner of mine was brought down in the night.” With the recent destruction by the police, Felix now believes very strongly that the police are “behind the first campaign material destruction.”  
Harping on President Biya’s 35 year role, no separation of powers in Cameroon plus the intimidation of “civil servants and Cameroon military to work and vote for the ruling CPDM party instead of being apolitical” Teche thus accuses President Paul Biya for instructions to vandalise my campaign banners.”   
Nyamusa who also says his “Campaign banner is paid for to the Bamennda city council and receipt received” and mounted by city council argents also indicts the city council calling on the institution and its leader the “Government Delegate to account and pay for this criminal, primitive action.”
While using the forum to discuss his two state Federation agenda for Cameroon though at variance with his party, Teche argues that if Cameroon accepts a federal system of government any opposition can win elections. Despite the postponement of the SDF National Convention, the aspirant maintains that campaigns for party functions have not been called off reason why he is going on with his drawing inspiration from world’s major democracies and global politics where politicians are always on the field.
Teche Nyamusa believes in a two states Federal Cameroon, none marginalization of Anglophones like francophones for an integral Cameroon. 

Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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