By Bakah Derick

Mayors of the Social Democratic Front SDF, have extended New Year wishes to their party’s National Chairman John Fru Ndi. 

The happy New Year wishing ceremony at SDF Chairman’s residence in Ntarikon Bamenda brought together all Mayors and their deputies from SDF lead municipal councils  across the country. 
Mayors sign SDF Party Anthem on New Year wishes ceremony to Party Chairman John Fru Ndi

Speaking on behalf of the municipal official, the spokes person Mayor Njong Donatus of Kumbo indicated that they came to extend their best wishes to the Chairman “their father” as “first sons of the party.” According to Mayor Njong the Chairman’s busy schedule could not allow them to come earlier but they had to force their way to perform the ritual. 
Mayor Njong Donatus of Kumbo spokesperson for the Mayors

In reaction, Chairman Fru Ndi with visible satisfaction schooled the Mayors, reacted on a couple of party and National Issues:

·        Regretted the drop in the number of Mayors the party now has cross the country which according to him “is not because the party is not working but because some people dribbled us.”  

·        On the call for Biya’s candidature for the next presidential election, the Chairman described that as”misplaced priority” particularly now that the country is facing security challenges. “My concern now is your security, the security of the people. If the people are secured I am a happy man.” There are hundreds of thousands of Cameroonians in the North that do not have accommodation, cannot sleep well, cannot eat well, they cannot do business well, their economy is all flattened yet people go ahead calling on somebody to stand for elections.” He invited Biya to call on his militants to stop such calls.

·        On performance: the Chairman congratulated the mayors for what they are doing which is being recognized within and without the country. While inviting them to stay off from corruption practices, he challenged the Mayors to feed hungry Cameroonians; drawing inspiration from his recent visit to Wum during the crisis where he took along some food and everyone ate including soldiers who were very hungry. 

·        He concluded with an invitation to the Mayors to encourage the use of compos manure in their municipalities with pilot projects in the councils. According to him crops produced with this form of manure are more tasteful and nutritive. 

While wishing the Mayors well for the days ahead, the SDF Chair warned against embezzlement and corrupt practices that can stain his image and that of the party. 

The mayors and their deputies then took turns for a handshake and photograph with SDF party leader. 

SDF Mayors and Party Chairman John Fru Ndi on the Occasion of New Year Wishes 2016
At the close of a meal in the Chairman’s ceremonial hall in his concluding remarks John Fru Ndi presented his plan of action which will take him to the North in next March. He regretted the passive nature of Party Senators. According to him they don’t care like others do. They give the impression that they are “opportunists” who just found themselves in parliament and think its time to grab their share.  

Talking to hilltopvoices, Balick Awah Fedelis Mayor of Bamenda II Council described the event as the most important in his life as a Mayor for that fact that “it has been happening before but not in these numbers. This time around all deputies are involved and you can see it’s a wonderful occasion. In the past we use to come together with Our Parliamentarians but this time we thought the Mayors are a force to reckon with. The party, the grassroots is in the hands of the Mayors and so you can see it was very successful.”  
For take home Balick said “to serve the people without any discrimination and to be transparent.” 

According to Langi Abel Ngwasoh Mayor of Bafut it was a moment of communion, reaffirmation of loyalty, confidence renewal and assurance of our readiness to defend the ideas of the party. “I go home with the Chairman’s remarks on agriculture particular the emphasis he laid on the use of compos manure. We will have to encourage our population to consider this.”
Tanyi Raphael First deputy Mayor of Kumba on his part leaves Bamenda after extending new year wishes to the chairman with “we should be together and as we serve we should be ready to give way for others.”
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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