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The population of Bamenda was October 15th 2015 consternated when one Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh braved military presence and successfully organized and presided over a southern Cameroons restoration rally at the government’s controlled Bamenda grandstand. Unlike most southern Cameroons’ meetings that are always at the mercy of police and gendarmes from la Republique du Cameroun, the rally came to many by surprise given that even military officers in charge of guarding the tribune varnished when Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh and a handful of supporters invaded the area to declare total freedom to the enslaved people of southern Cameroons.

Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh 

Apart from activists, a symbolic presence of the Takumbeng women added more meaning to the “historic “event. They held peace plants (nkeng), to tell the world that Southern Cameroonians are taking back their confiscated independence with peace. These are the same women who came out naked in 1990 to stand behind the now styled Southern Cameroons’ enemy; Ni John Fru Ndi for the return of multi-partism in a country they thought was theirs.

Speaking at the rally, Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh, interim president of Southern Cameroons declared, “The spirit of the lord is upon me to bring good tidings to the oppressed, to proclaim liberty to the captives, to proclaim liberty to the chained, to restore sight to the blind and to declare liberation to the deaf and the dump”. In one of his points, he revealed that in April 2013, the UN came out with a definitive document and an ultimatum on the restoration of Southern Cameroons. Going by the document according to Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh, no union took place between southern Cameroons and la Republique in 1961.”The now purported union between Southern Cameroons and la Republique is the annexation of the later”, he said while calling on the government of la republique to stop blocking southern Cameroons independence via intimidation, torture, exploitation, economic rape, intrigues.

Event Participant speaks with Peace Plant 

After bringing to the limelight efforts taken so far by southern Cameroonians at the local and global level to peacefully redress issues with la republique ,the man of God cum politician and the just designated arrowhead of southern Cameroons sent a message of invitation to the 50 member countries of the UN who voted in support of southern Cameroons independence  on April 19th, 1961 at 3:15pm during the 15th UN General Assembly to come and establish diplomatic relations with the  newly restored West African nation.

“Southern Cameroonians livings abroad are hereby called upon to come home and make the nation a heaven for the youths and the entire nation”, he added while urging home based citizens to be vigilant and to avoid infiltrators that will try to disrupt our peace.

“Enough is enough. What kind of a country is this? Living with this “bonjour” people has been a mess. Unemployment is on the rise. Our children graduate from schools without jobs. We must go our way”. Said one of the takumbeng’s
It took many by surprise to see activist of a state the master government of la republique does not want to hear, holding a rally in a public structure  ...”these activists are never allowed to hold private meetings not to talk of using a government grandstand. Could this be the beginning of our freedom?” a truck pusher, watching from a distance said.  

“This is the boldest step I have ever seen in the history of southern Cameroons struggle. This Reverend man is a lion. Some activists only make noise in hiding but he has come out publicly to the extent of using the grandstand despite the heavy presence of Biya’s gunmen.” A passerby Said.
Prior to the holding of the rally, military helicopters floated the airspace of Bamenda, a scenario considered by Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh as a mark of intimidation to scare and frighten Southern Cameroonians.
The Bamenda public rally described by many as a turning point in the struggle is in a series of programmes envisaged to concretize the statehood of southern Cameroons. Sources say, the statehood of southern Cameroons was restored in a declaration made public on May 20th, 2015 in Bamenda as la Republique was busy celebrating its national day (the day la Republique wiped southern Cameroons from the world map). Historians say it was on May 20th 1972 that la republique du Cameroun dismantled the state of southern Cameroons through a masquerade referendum reducing it to North West and South West regions of its territory. The said declaration, stated the source, was followed by the formation of an executive government, a fifty man advisory council(with status of parliament) ,diplomatic missions and some governors to function for two years and organize democratic elections. 

Mr. Alfred Shey Sembe, Chairman of the Southern Cameroons Revolutionary Council (SCRC) and minister for development and infrastructure according to the ministerial list, had earlier in reaction told this reporter that  the formation of a southern Cameroons government was long over due.”We have gone pass the age of too much talking without action. With a government in place, I think the international community will hear our cry”, he said. In chat with this reporter via social media, Shey Kaavi Wo Melim, an SCNC activist based in Europe and southern Cameroons ambassador to Germany, according to Evangelist Aaron’s appointment, the government is illegitimate. Hear him, “I know nothing of these appointments. How can you appoint somebody into your government without consulting him? That government is illegitimate. This reverend man is an island and has no powers to form a government.” he maintained.

However, talking to this reporter after the restoration rally, Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh said the government of la Republique du Cameroun and the international community are all aware of his activities, reason why his programmes are peaceful and uninterrupted by the Yaoundé regime. ”There is nothing to hide. The UN, AU, EU and the Biya’s government have all been notified and it is now abundantly clear that my government is in charge of Southern Cameroons. We will continue to push until we completely regain our paradise that we lost to la Republique du Cameroun in 1961 out of intrigues” he said. Announcing another rally on November 12th 2015, he called on all and sundry to join the bandwagon and turn out massively to tell the world that la Republique du Cameroun is no longer needed on their land.  

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