By Bakah Derick

The standoff between Councilors of the Bamenda III Council and the Mezam and City administration over the development of a piece of land in mile four Nkwen this Monday August 17, 2015 took another twist as Councilors of Bamenda III were joined by their colleagues of Bamenda II on the convocation of the National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, SDF John Fru Ndi.
“We are protesting against the no respect of land tenure laws” Mayor Forgu Cletus Tanwie of Bamenda III Council told hilltopvoices.

It is a few months now that councilors of the Bamenda III Council have been contesting the use of the said piece of land by Fokou Company located along the Bamenda-Bambui Highway specifically at mile Four Nkwen (after the stream from the former marketing board). After raising the issue during their council session, the councilors decided in June to stage a protest and seal the area. The administration of Mezam reacted immediately by ordering the removal of the seal. The councilors however did not take that as the solution as they went on to mandate the Mayor to put another seal.

The City Board and the Administration
The sealing then came under review during the Bamenda City Council Board session on the 4th of August 2015 during which the Assistant SDO for Mezam Ndumbe Ndika Jean Piere explained that the owner of the construction site was in procession of a valid building permit and transferred land tittle and so had every legal right to carry on with work. While corroborating the Assistant SDO, the Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council Ndumu Vincent Nji explained that he issued the building permit following technical reports submitted to him by technicians of the city with one representing Bamenda III Council.
Quized during the session why he could approve a permit on marshy land which is protected by the land Tenure laws, the Government Delegate responded saying that the law allows anyone who shows prove of the technical ability to develop such lands to be given permits to go ahead.

How it resurfaced
As if the matter had ended the, Assistant SDO for Mezam after the session immediately removed the Mayor’s seal.
Meeting in session on Friday August 14, 2015 Councilors of the Bamenda III Council came back to the subject questioning the Assistant SDO who was present as to why he removed the seal. “I removed the seal following instructions from my hierarchy. I cannot tell you which of them but if you come to my office I will show you a copy of the letter which is signed”

A few objections were raised but one could conclude that the councilors had backed out. 

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Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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